How to handle conflict situations

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Dealing with conflict is not easy. Conflict situations tend to be complex. We won’t be able to give a ‘quick and dirty miracle recipe’ in this insight. But we will provide a concept that might prove very helpful.
5 tips to enhance the team spirit in your organization Team Spirit

5 tips to enhance the team spirit in your organization

 -  Teamness
Is your team a true team, or is it a group of individuals? Is the team guided by what’s best for the company, or do individual objectives come first? Do team members appreciate each other, or are there (hidden) infights going on? If you want to create a stronger team spirit, you might like the following practical tips.
Teamness Alignment

5 tips for when your team doesn’t get along

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Is your team a ‘dream team’? Are members working well together, is there a good level of bonding, and is the atmosphere pleasant? Or is good collaboration in your team just a distant dream? Do people disapprove of each other, are vicious little games frequent, is criticism constantly in the air? Here are 5 pragmatic tips to create more bonding in the team you’re leading.

Succeed in getting to an agreement when all parties have a strong opinion

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We’ve probably all experienced it–many times. Different parties trying to convince each other, without success. Endless debates. People not feeling heard. Usually it ends with frustration. The hierarchical leader takes a decision that is not shared by the others. Or there is no decision, and the situation lingers on, leading to even more irritation. Here’s how to get to an agreement with an underlying bonus…
What if you have a low performer in your team

What if you have a low performer in your team (or several) ?

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Maybe you inherited a weak team, and you feel stuck. Maybe your collaborators do (less than) the strict minimum, and you get nervous. Maybe some team members lack competence, and you are frustrated. If you’re in one of the situations above, chances are high you have already spent quite some time thinking about the situation. Here’s a way, inspired by Eckhart Tolle, to make the best out of the situation and bring your team to the highest possible level.
Alignment: how strong is your team

How strong is your team?

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Quick question: is your team at full potential? We often ask this question. Rare are the instances where the answer is yes…. The question is of course – what to do about it? Where to start?