Our 5 tips to be on top of your day

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As most people, each day we have way more on our to-do list than we could ever accomplish. Even during the weekend and the holidays! There are just too many requests coming our way – and too many things we want to get done ourselves … Therefore, we had to find a system to get the best out of our day – making tremendous progress – feeling lots of satisfaction – without regrets or overwhelm. Here’s the 5 criteria we developed to get the best out of our day. We hope they will prove useful for you too.
What when you know you should act, but you have no time ... Good intentions

What when you know you should act, but you have no time…

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We bet it happens to you too: you have those good intentions (taking more time for family, applying key insights from a book, communicating better towards your teams, …) – and after some time you realize you didn’t progress at all (or worse – you forgot about your intention). The reason? Most will answer ‘no time’. … Continued

How to avoid work overload (for you and your teams)

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Many ambitious overachievers want to … overachieve. And thus, we take on many initiatives, before adding some more initiatives… And at some point, we have to face it: There’s too much on our plate, and results are deteriorating. The question is: how to avoid work overload, and get to our ‘zone of highest performance’?
7 minute app

Seven minutes – it doesn’t take more

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Are you frustrated too when others make you do things you don’t feel like doing? Your boss pushes through option B whereas you were so convinced option A was the right one…; You have to do some administrative tasks, and you just hate those…; Your family asks your help, right now, and now is really not the right moment… Dealing with unwelcome requests sure is a difficult thing…
Book review ‘The Gifts of Imperfection’

Book review: ‘The Gifts of Imperfection’ by Brené Brown

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Striving for quality is a power engine for many of us. And that’s great. Beware however when the underlying thought becomes we have to be PERFECT (as not being perfect = being unworthy) . If we think so, in the end we might not achieve all that much anymore…. Brené Brown’s main idea in this book is: let go of who you think you’re supposed to be and embrace who you are.
setting through even when it feels awkward

3 tips to get yourself to act when it feels uncomfortable

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Isn’t it a nuisance when there’s something we don’t like to do (because it feels awkward), yet we know we ought to act? Typically we hesitate for a moment … and then we say ‘no … I’ll do it next time’. Initially we’re very happy about our decision – there’s that feeling of instant relief … However, a bit later, we realize we played too safe … and sometimes we start blaming ourselves…. In this insight we’ll give a couple of tips on how to effectively deal with feeling uncomfortable.
the 7 reasons people don't follow through on their positive intentions

How to keep your resolutions

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Most of us, when noticing no progress on our resolutions, call ourselves bad names. And nothing changes. In order to successfully keep resolutions, we need to know the REAL reason(s) we didn’t act. And do something about those.