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Is your company preparing a fundamental corporate change? Do you want to create a shared business vision for your company? Or rally everyone around the existing business vision? Do you have difficult business or organizational choices to make, with your executive committee not aligned at all as to which direction to take? We are world-class facilitators of Executive Committees, Boards of Directors, Leadership Teams, and Associations. We improve their teamness and cohesiveness by helping them work and decide better together. We strengthen their business core purpose by creating a shared vision or rallying everyone around it. And we anchor these ‘people’ and ‘business’ alignments over time by planting the seeds for sustained improved performance.

Our alignment tracks and approach


CEO, International Distribution Company

"Our alignment goal was overly ambitious… and we reached it. In all honesty, without you Patrick and Anne-Marie we wouldn’t have"

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OV&E stands for Openness, Visioning, and Efficiency. OV&E is a three-day off-site seminar for management teams. OV&E surfaces and addresses team and corporate tensions, creates a shared vision, and builds collective commitment. As all our clients will tell you, OV&E is transformational, profound, and with lasting impact.
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