Trends in Practice!

 -  Leadership / Teamness
Discover our OV&E seminars: supporting leadership teams in reviewing their current reality; examining future trends; and, achieving alignment on how to position their business for growth.

Quiz! Are You On-Trend?

 -  Leadership
Find out whether you, or your organisation, are keeping your ear to the ground, spotting and understanding trends and adjusting your business to say ‘On-Trend’.

Why Trends Matter!

 -  Latest News / Leadership / Sustainable
Spotting and taking account of trends is not just an interesting exercise in mental gymnastics but is core to running a successful, sustainable business, and on a personal level to garnering the relevant skills to ensure a long and rewarding career. To find out why, click here.

How to be ‘On-Trend’!

 -  Latest News / Leadership / Sustainable
How do you understand and make the most of existing trends? And, how do you spot and take advantage of emerging trends? To be ‘On-Trend’ you need to get into the habit of exploring trends, master the skill of exploiting trends, and develop a nose for emerging trends.