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  • Increased cohesiveness and teamness of the Executive Committee
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  • The best business skills trainings for executives and high-po’s
  • Effectively grown personal mastery of the leaders that follow our executive coaching program
  • Identification, quantification and resolution of stress and sustainability issues in the organisation (true solutions to the burnout trap)
  • Inspired and motivated teams thanks to our boost seminars
  • Aligned HR-Team with enhanced talent & value added to the business
in presentation skills by 10,000+ trainees worldwide
  • Offer a coherent, complete, quality catalogue of learning & training
  • Ensure trainees get ample new insights in a dynamic tempo
  • Grow the talent in your organization (& grow yourself )
  • Get advise for approaches and programs tailored to your specific needs
  • Satisfy internal clients; ensure comfort for HR department

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How to ask your team for honest feedback

 -  Leadership
Asking your team for feedback is not easy, but it is always worthwhile. We give you tips on how to ensure you get a well-considered response from all members of your team with clear examples of what you do well and areas for improvement. It will be good for you and for them, so don’t hesitate.
The number 1 mistake leaders make

The number 1 mistake leaders make

 -  Leadership
A couple of weeks ago, when facilitating a session at one of our clients, we ran into a typical situation: Managers expressed frustration because decisions were too often implemented without them being consulted. Sometimes, the CEO just want people to voice their opinion!

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Arnaud Feist Brussels Airport’s CEO / Le Soir

"Another mentor and source of inspiration? His friend Patrick Demoucelle, author the book “Positif”: “At 40, while he was a Partner in a large consulting firm, he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. His life changed, he had to reinvent himself, demonstrate an exceptional positivism. Having such an example close at hand, it helps to relativize…"

Bernard Deryckere CEO Alpro

"You know how deeply I am a ‘fan’ of your boost seminars! Patrick and Anne-Marie, once again, a big thank you for all the energy you bring over in conveying such important messages about life.  You score high in vibration,  high in vision!”

Bruno Colmant Economist & Author

“Patrick and Anne-Marie, there is magic in what you do!”

Michael J Fox Actor, Author, Activist

“Patrick & Anne-Marie, we’re so grateful for your dedication and your vision. Thank you!”

Sofie Verstreken Journalist, De Standaard

“This human story was immediately the culmination of a very strong first day of conference, and the standing ovation was really worth it

Grégoire Dallemagne EDF Luminus CEO

Patrick and Anne-Marie are really extraordinary people who brought so much to our company and to every one of us