Positivity & Engagement: Co-Creation

Positivity & Engagement: Co-creation

 -  Positive / Leadership
You’ve had a couple of steering Committees, everything seemed to go well. There were not a lot of reactions but things were moving forward. And then suddenly people in your Steering Committee start putting things into questions: they come back on previous decisions, nothing is certain anymore, … You are confused: what just happened?
5 tips deal with judas

5 tips on how to deal with a ‘judas’ at work

 -  Positive / Leadership
Have you ever encountered them? Those people who are pleasant and forthcoming when you are with them, but who act against you once you have turned your back? If you have dealt with such colleagues, you know how frustrating it is, especially if you are their boss. In this insight we’ll provide a couple of ideas on how to deal with a backstabbing coworker.
The power of acting now

Why now is all there is

 -  Positive
We all know how important it is to create a sense of urgency. But are we good at it? Do we get ourselves to act immediately and consistently on what matters most? Do we get others to do so? In this insight we want to dig a little deeper into what it takes to create the right sense of urgency.
How to leverage creativity to create more positivity

How to leverage negativity to create more positivity

 -  Positive
Many of us don’t like negativity. When others are being negative, we seek to cheer them up (and when they remain negative, we prefer to avoid them). When we are being negative, we seek ways to feel more positive again (and when we remain negative, we start wondering what’s wrong with us). Negativity is perceived as something bad. But what if it was a good thing? In this insight we’ll explain how to use negativity to create more positivity.
Book review: 'The Power of a Positive No' by William Ury

Book review: ‘The Power of a Positive No’ by William Ury

 -  Positive
Learn more about this indispensable book that gives you a simple three-step method for saying a Positive No. It will show you how to assert and defend your key interests; how to make your No firm and strong; how to resist the other side’s aggression and manipulation; and how to do all this while still getting to Yes. In the end, the Positive No will help you get not just to any Yes but to the right Yes, the one that truly serves your interests.