Locations have the power to stimulate

Off-sites have become an integral part of teams’ building, functioning, alignment, and incentives. Management teams, project teams, research teams, leadership forums, Executive Committees, Board of Directors,… all have taken the habit to meet ‘off-site’ at least once a year. Usually for more than one day. And usually it is their most important meeting of the year. The one team meeting where failure would amount to irreparable damage. These teams need two critical success factors at these moments: best facilitation and best facilities.

Power Locations is all about best facilities: a compendium of locations for off-site meetings and seminars. Well-chosen locations have the power to strengthen the meeting, stimulate the participants, and elevate the off-site memories. Poor facilities can destroy the meeting, demoralize participants, and darken the off-site memories.

Here is a glimpse of our favorite Power Locations. You will discover new Power Locations every month on our website: stay tuned!

Power Locations (the complete collection featuring 200 business venues) is freely available to all Demoucelle clients.

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