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5 Rules for successful virtual meetings

 -  Duurzaamheid / Teamwerk
As professional facilitators, we understand how these differ from face to face meetings and have accumulated a great deal of experience in facilitating successful virtual meetings. Here are 5 rules we use to ensure productive and engaging virtual meetings.

5 tips to enhance the team spirit in your organization

 -  Teamwerk
Is your team a true team, or is it a group of individuals? Is the team guided by what’s best for the company, or do individual objectives come first? Do team members appreciate each other, or are there (hidden) infights going on? If you want to create a stronger team spirit, you might like the following practical tips.

5 tips for when your team doesn’t get along

 -  Teamwerk
Is your team a ‘dream team’? Are members working well together, is there a good level of bonding, and is the atmosphere pleasant? Or is good collaboration in your team just a distant dream? Do people disapprove of each other, are vicious little games frequent, is criticism constantly in the air? Here are 5 pragmatic tips to create more bonding in the team you’re leading.