In the following weeks, we’d like to provide insights on how to create a positive and engaged team. Today we would really like to talk about the importance of a vision. And we have a very strong conviction.

Importance of a vision


You will never be able to recreate a positive and engaged team if you don’t give a compelling positive vision for the future. Why? Think about it: when a team is negative, why is it? It’s because the team feels stuck. They don’t see a way out; they’re negative because they’re pessimistic. And honestly, when they express their negativity, there is one thing they do: they are asking you: “Please give us hope again, please give us the idea of a more positive future, a more bright future that can be out there!”. They are asking you: “Please give us that positive vision for the future!”.

Georges Washington said: “When there is no vision, there is no hope”. When people are being negative and when they act as if they were not engaged, in fact they are asking: “Give us that vision, a vision that provides us with hope again.” That’s the way to start creating a positive team again.

And honestly not only to create a positive team again. Think about it for yourself: if you are yourself a little bit negative, perhaps it might be a good idea to create a vision for your future, the future you desire the most.

Good luck!


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