Watch our video about nuancing positive and negative elements. It helps to create more positivity and engagement in teams. And to become a better leader. 

Nuancing + & -


Has it ever happened to you? You’re talking about something positive, and your co-worker or a colleague of yours keeps coming up with negative elements, keeps talking about elements that are ‘not yet good enough’.
And you think “Stop being so negative! With a mindset like yours, we will never get anywhere!“.

Or the opposite. You are quite concerned about a situation and you’re voicing that concern. The person in front of you becomes kind of angry. And is telling you: “Don’t you see the positive?“. You’re thinking: “Hey, stop being so naïve! There is a problem out there! If you don’t dare to confront to the problem, you will never get to a solution! Open your eyes!“.

Exactly opposite situations: in one situation, you’re the positive and the other party is negative. There is frustration on both sides.
In the other situation, you’re the negative one, and the other party is the positive one. And again: frustration on both sides.

We live that every day, at the office or in companies where we intervene. So often people are talking next to one another.

What we encourage to do is to highlight both the positive and the negative. It leads to much less frustration. People have the impression that they are allowed to voice both the positive and the concerns.

Much less frustration, but also much more objectivity because situations are not 100% negative or 100% positive. It’s a mixture. It’s by looking at both sides that you see reality as it is. Not better than it is, not worse than it is. Just as it is.
But also, when you as a leader encourage others to look at both the negative and the positive, you will gain much more trust. It will enhance the power you project; it will enhance your credibility.

So if you want to create more positivity and more engagement in the teams, less frustration, try to encourage others to highlight both the positive and the negative.

Good luck with it!


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