How to retain your top talent

How to retain your top talent

 -  Leadership
When you have great people working for you, you want to keep them… But how do you make sure they STAY at your company, rather than be seduced by opportunities elsewhere? Here are a couple of questions we find helpful for retaining top talent.

How to avoid work overload (for you and your teams)

 -  Sustainable
Many ambitious overachievers want to … overachieve. And thus, we take on many initiatives, before adding some more initiatives… And at some point, we have to face it: There’s too much on our plate, and results are deteriorating. The question is: how to avoid work overload, and get to our ‘zone of highest performance’?
Engaging presentation

How to make sure your audience says ‘THAT was an interesting presentation’

 -  Leadership
After many presentations, audience feel a bit ‘dazed’, thinking “waw – thàt was a lot of info”… If you asked them “so – what’s your key takeaway?” – many, if not most, would have a hard time answering. THE sign that the presentation was ‘off target’. So how to prepare an engaging presentation, where your audience considers it was ‘really interesting?
Positivity & Engagement: Co-Creation

Positivity & Engagement: Co-creation

 -  Leadership / Positive
You’ve had a couple of steering Committees, everything seemed to go well. There were not a lot of reactions but things were moving forward. And then suddenly people in your Steering Committee start putting things into questions: they come back on previous decisions, nothing is certain anymore, … You are confused: what just happened?