Selecting projects to fund

So far, all available Parkinson treatments are symptom treating: they help to (temporarily) hide the symptoms of the disease. In order to get to true breakthroughs, the Demoucelle Parkinson Charity support those projects that are disease modifying, projects that slow down or halt the progression of the disease, or even help to reverse the disease.

When selecting projects that can benefit from funding from the Demoucelle Parkinson Charity, Patrick and Anne-Marie favor European projects that are in or close to the stage of clinical trials (where treatments are tested on humans).

So far, the Demoucelle Parkinson Charity has invested in 9 promising projects.

Steering funded projects

We are supporting exciting and promising disease modifying projects in Europe: the Affitope Parkinson Vaccine trial, the InterMed project, the Exenatide project, the PET tracer project, the nLife Thera project and the Khondrion project; all of them in collaboration with the Michael J. Fox Foundation.

  • ADx project (DPC invested in 2017). Project objective: develop guidelines for clinical trials.
  • Nilotinib project (DPC invested in 2016 & 2017). Project objective: check whether the effectiveness of the medicine, shown in open trials, is confirmed in a large double-blind, placebo-controlled trial. Learn more about Nilotinib. Read more on MJFF Blog.
  • Khondrion project (DPC invested in 2016). Project objective: test the effectiveness of a molecule against the mitochondrial dysfunction, often noted in Parkinson’s Disease.
    Read more about this project
  • nLife Thera project (DPC invested in 2015). Project objective: characterize the dose and efficacy of a new molecule in a model of Parkinson´s disease vs. healthy model. Watch our video about this project. Read more about this project
  • AC Immune (DPC invested in 2015 & 2018). Project objective: develop a brain imaging agent for alpha-synuclein, a key protein involved in PD pathology.
    Watch our video about this project. Read more about this project
  • Exenatide (DPC invested in 2013). Project objective: perform a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled, proof-of-concept trial to confirm whether the preliminary findings of beneficial effects seen in both motor and non-motor PD symptoms can be replicated.
    Read more about this project
  • InterMed (DPC invested in 2012). Project objective: identify the potential of a molecule to act neuroprotective and become a disease modifying therapeutic.
    Read more about this project
  • The Affitope Parkinson Vaccine (DPC invested in 2012). Project objective: perform first phase clinical trial and check impact of the vaccine on α-synuclein, a brain component that plays a central role in the pathogenesis of Parkinson Disease.
    Watch our video about this project. Read more about this project
  • ATP10B project (DPC invested in 2019). Project objective: better understand the mutation of this gene, and its potential impact on Parkinson’s disease.
    Read more about this project

For these projects, Demoucelle gets frequent project updates and participates in the project check- in calls and in-person project assessments organized by the MJFF staff.


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