Pro-bono consulting

The Demoucelle Parkinson Charity was founded by 2 former top-consultants and business leaders, Patrick & Anne-Marie Demoucelle. Given their background, they decided on the unconventional strategy to offer their business skills as a leverage to cure-oriented projects and prominent organizations in the Parkinson field.


Pro bono consulting

Services offered

Areas where the Demoucelle Parkinson Charity can provide consulting support :

  • Business advice: provide business advice to start-ups
  • Presentation quality: enhance chances of start-ups with good ideas to get funding
  • Sense of urgency: motivate clinicians to speed up finding patients for clinical trials
  • Positive culture: help develop culture in the organisation where everybody can give personal best (even in difficult circumstances)
  • Teamness & alignment: get all noses in the same direction
  • Inspiring leadership: teach managers how develop clear vision and how to enroll others
  • Sustainable peak performance: help team members reach always higher ambitions, without them getting in overdrive