Alone we can do so little; Together we can do so much” – Helen Keller

As a small Charity, volunteers are an integral part of meeting our mission, and we deeply value the passion and energy that each of our volunteers brings to the Demoucelle Parkinson Charity.

From a few spare hours to months of dedication, volunteers of all ages and backgrounds are helping our cause.

Meet a few of our amazing volunteers without whom all this wouldn’t be possible.

Find out what they do and why.

Here are some volunteers amongst many Everyone is making a difference!

Here’s what our volunteers are saying about their volunteering for the Demoucelle Parkinson Charity

Run for Parkinson Training Coach Positive Spirit


«I really enjoy spending time with the Parkinson runners group. It is a great group of people. My goal is to help them achieve their personal goal and improve their well-being. Two key ideas for the coaching: fun and enjoy!»

Run for Parkinson 20km de Bruxelles


«When the idea of running the 20 km with a charity team popped up, despite the disease, Patrick jumped in and said I’ll do it. And 7 months later, he actually did it! Patrick and Anne-Marie just so perfectly embody the “YES WE CAN” attitude ! As a friend, how could I not support them in the fight against the Parkinson challenge ?!»


Laurence Merckx Run for Parkinson Volunteer


«The last years I've learnt so much with Patrick and Anne-Marie : professionally and mainly personally. Their fight against Parkinson's disease... Patrick's courage impress me! They gave me energy and inspiration so giving them back energy and time was for me obvious :-) We are a great team :-) !»


Benedicte De Bruycker Run for Parkinson Volunteer


«Patrick and Anne-Marie give so much positive energy! By helping Run for Parkinson I give back a little energy - hoping that there will be a solution for Parkinson's disease.»


Run for Parkinson Volunteer


«Taking up so many challenges, having so much willpower: I totally admire Patrick and Anne-Marie! Helping them gives me positive energy!»


Nathalie Van Ypersele Run for Parkinson Volunteer


«Fantastic to work with Patrick & Anne-Marie! It combines very high standards, a deep human touch & meaning!»



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