#20for2 #beatparkinson in support of sport and research

The Demoucelle Parkinson Charity launches the #20for2 #beatparkinson challenge to bring the positive energy of the 20kms of Brussels (postponed this year because of the coronavirus) to everyone and raise awareness about Parkinson’s disease. Everyone can participate!
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#TulipsForHope: Let’s share images of tulips for Parkinson’s Week

Let’s lift our spirits, usher in Spring AND occupy our children with a creative challenge this Parkinson’s Disease Awareness Week (Sunday 5th April to Saturday 11th April)! Let’s share beautiful images of tulips across social media to lift the spirits of patients with this degenerative disease, as well as all those amazing healthcare workers and … Continued
Alexander Meulemans

Portrait of Alexander Meulemans, founder of the ‘Music for Parkinson’ initiative

On March 23, Alexander Meulemans organized a wonderful benefit concert in favor of the Demoucelle Parkinson Charity: Music for Parkinson. He raised no less than € 5000! The Kosmo Quartett played with Sarah Bayens, Magdelaine Demoucelle played the piano and Alexander on the viola was accompanied by Lucas Verleyen on his piano. Who is Alexander and why did he take this super initiative? Read it here.

Chocolates for Parkinson

Embarquez dans un voyage de saveurs exceptionnelles pour aider la lutte contre la maladie de Parkinson. Newtree et la Demoucelle Parkinson Charity vous invitent à découvrir des goûts uniques mettant en avant des ingrédients respectueux de vos papilles, de votre santé et de votre environnement.