run for Parkinson

A fantastic 5th edition of Run for Parkinson on May 19th 2019 at the occasion of the 20km of Brussels

For the 5th time, Patrick participated to the 20km of Brussels, helped by 2 super runners and 1 hippocampe wheelchair. The idea was to alternate running and recovering in the wheelchair, and then running again etc. Given the progression of his disease, Patrick didn’t think he could run more than 10 km (and spend 10km in the wheelchair) but in the end he managed to actually run 15km! We are so proud and he was even more so!

It means one thing: Dare to dream! You never know if it will work, but when it does, it is so powerful! It feels so good! And even if doesn’t work 100%, what is important is to realize that you gave it a try and gave the best of yourself.

This year, there were 380 people who gave the best of themselves to run the 20km of Brussels with us and collected funds to find a solution for Parkinson’s disease. We also had some Parkinson’s patients amongst our runners once again! These guys are heroes, congratulations!
Thank you to all our supporters: volunteers, runners, corporate sponsors, donors, family and friends. Feeling supported is so capital in this fight.

Take a look at our photo album.

See you next year! Save the date: May 31st 2020!