Optimism is contagious. You’ve probably noticed it as well. When the leader shows doubts, the team is ‘down’. When the leader displays (realistic) confidence, the team spirit goes up. And once the spirit is up, teams perform so much better…  


5 tips for successful change management

Here are 5 tips to nurture your own and your team’s optimism when facing a good challenge.


We use them every day. It gives us energy. It gives us power. Whatever the circumstances.  


  1. Focus on the future and on what you want to create (not on what you want to avoid): the more we think about the problems out there, the more we tend to feel ‘lost’. The more we think about what we want to create, the more we tend to feel hope. And the more clarity we have as to what to do next.

  2. Notice successes and reflect how to repeat them: so often, we tend to focus on what went wrong. And we forget to see what went well. Yet, these ‘positive successes’ show we must have done something right. So why not learn from them, and try to emulate them?

  3. Notice opportunities and reflect how to leverage them: there are opportunities everywhere. Even in potential threats. Even in our failures. Opportunities to learn, and opportunities to act. The more we embrace those opportunities, the more we believe a positive outcome is possible. And that gives positive energy to act.

  4. Remind yourself of previous difficult challenges: when we’re in the midst of a difficult situation, we tend to think we’ll be in the midst of it forever. Yet for most of our past challenges, we finally found a way. A way to solve it, or a way to cope with it. There comes so much energy from realizing ‘yes – we will find our way’ (and then acting with positivity).

  5. Adopt positive body language and positive wording: our body language influences how we feel. And how we come across. The impact is tremendous. You’ll find some powerful tips in one of our previous posts


Apply these 5 tips consistently, and not only will you enhance your own optimism. You will also nurture the optimism of the team. And have so much more fun.

If you want more info on how to create a positive culture and a positive mindset, don’t hesitate to contact us.