Give more power to your message

Body language builds or breaks the message people convey. Strong body language makes people come across as ‘in charge’ and competent. Poor body language makes people look weak and doubting

Here’s 5 tips to improve your own body language (and thus have more impact):


  • Make eye contact. Avoid looking away, avoid having your eyes fixed on the screen or on your document. Instead, focus on your audience. You will connect better, and see more clearly if the audience is agreeing with your message.

  • Articulate well. Make sure not to mumble, and avoid speaking too fast. A slow rhythm manifests more confidence. Also, it gives your audience the time to grasp what you’re saying. A trick might be to speak somewhat louder: this generally leads to better articulation and slower speed.

  • Put variety in your voice. Add variety in speed and in volume. Sometimes increase your rhythm, sometimes slow down. At times speak louder, at times use a softer tone. It will keep your audience awake.

  • Keep an open body posture. Face your audience, put your chest forward and your shoulders backwards. Not only will it make you look more credible, but it will also make you feel more confident (try it out!)

  • Hold your gestures. Avoid small, repetitive gestures (which would make you look nervous). Go instead for broad gestures and hold these a couple of seconds. It’ll provide ‘visual support’ to your message, and as such anchor it deeper.    


Go and practice these tips during your meetings and presentations. You will start having more and more impact!
Good luck!

5 tips for effective body language

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