Act by choice, not by obligation

What to do when you are dealing with unwelcome requests

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Are you frustrated too when others make you do things you don’t feel like doing? Your boss pushes through option B whereas you were so convinced option A was the right one…; You have to do some administrative tasks, and you just hate those…; Your family asks your help, right now, and now is really not the right moment… Dealing with unwelcome requests sure is a difficult thing…
How to keep cool during disagreements

How to keep cool during disagreements?

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Has it happened to you too? Somebody shows disagreement with you, or comes with a suggestion you don’t like, and you lash out – perhaps more than absolutely necessary… Here is a finding that helps us manage disagreements without getting carried away.
Dealing with rejection Sustainability

5 tips to deal with rejection

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Whether it is your idea that is rejected, or you as a person that feels excluded – rejection is never an easy thing. Yet it is part of life. Here are 5 tips to help you positively deal with rejection.
The power of moments

Book review: ‘The Power of Moments’ by Chip Heath and Dan Heath

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Being able to create memorable moments (also known as defining moments) is not something ‘blurry’. Chip and Dan Heath, the authors of this book, have identified the 4 key components of memorable moments. Throughout the book, they provide very pragmatic advice on how to put these components into implementation so you too can proactively create those magic moments.
definition of success

When can you call yourself ‘successful’?

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What is your definition of success? To have the highest status? To be first percentile in every area of life? Life has taught us that one can have a high status yet not feel successful. Here’s a definition of success that helps you live the life you desire the most.

How to make trade-offs that you feel comfortable about

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Making difficult trade-offs is so frustrating. It takes a lot of time, often there’s that nagging feeling of doubt, sometimes even guilt, and all of that for an undesired end result: choosing ONE of two options whereas you wanted BOTH. The other day we had one of those typical dilemma’s. We had planned to speak … Continued