People that thrive and feel at full potential tend to be ‘vivi’. Those who feel powerless tend to be ‘sousou’. Let us explain.

Step up from setbacks

Demoucelle likes to divide time in 4 blocks: the past, the present, the short term future, the long term future.

1. The past

We all know people who live in the past. There are the nostalgics (“Those were the good old times. Times are so different now. If only we could go back in time…”). And there are the ruminators (“How could this happen? How could they do this to me? How could I have been so stupid? This is so horrible!”).
In our opinion, neither the nostalgics nor the ruminators put themselves in the position to thrive. The past is gone. It’s too late to change it. Our advice: emancipate yourself from your past. Keep the good, learn from the bad, and move on.

2. The present

Let’s think about it. What are our best moments? For most, it’s when we are ‘in the moment’. For example, when we are watching nature and feel completely peaceful. No worries, no stressed thoughts–just being present. Or when we are completely absorbed by and engaged in a conversation with friends or family. Another example is when we are ‘in flow’ and absolutely concentrated on what we are doing. We even forget about time.
The present is where things happen. Only in the present can we actually change things. The present is precious…

3. The short term future

Quite some people spend their time thinking about upcoming events. Sometimes these thoughts are positive, for example when we already imagine how great our holidays will be. But the thoughts about the near future that keep coming back are often quite negative. It’s when people worry about that meeting that could go wrong. When they envisage the possible negative reactions. When they fret about ‘what if this doesn’t work’.
We’re not saying one should never think about the short term future. But staying there (be it with ‘positive expectations’ or with’ nightmare scenarios’) doesn’t add a lot of value.

4. The long term future

The people accomplishing most in life are those who know where they’re going. They have a clear vision of the future they desire the most, and act with a clear purpose in mind: create this desired future. These people weren’t just ‘lucky’, suddenly waking up with a brilliant vision. No–they spent ample time thinking about the future and about their aspirations and goals. In addition, their ‘future view’ is never finished. The environment changes, nothing is fixed. Great accomplishers continue to fine-tune their ambitions to make them even more relevant and compelling.
If you want to shape destiny, we recommend you to spend time envisioning your desired future.
The ‘sousou’ people are those who live from souvenirs (past) and from soucis (the short future). Souvenir and Soucis–sousou.
The ‘vivi’ people are those who vibrate the present and continuously focus on their vision (the long term future). Vibration and vision–vivi.
Guess what we would recommend you to be…
Quick question to you: would you call yourself sousou or vivi? Be honest with yourself.


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