Multiply your meetings’ impact while freeing up to 33% of the time they take


In many supermarkets and in most online transactions, you can rate your shopping experience by clicking on a button, with scores ranging from ‘extremely dissatisfied’ to ‘extremely satisfied’.

Imagine you had such a mechanism in your meeting rooms to do exit polls. What score would you give to the last meetings you attended?

  • Extremely effective and energizing?
  • Extremely INeffective and frustrating?
  • Or something in between?

And what scores would attendees give to the meetings you have been organising?

Don’t satisfy yourself with any score below ‘extremely effective & energizing’. That would mean your meetings are not at their full potential. You don’t extract the full value out of them. And the participants sadly confirm this…

Imagine the opportunity cost…

We encourage leaders to actively start managing their meetings. Both top down (meetings policies & guidelines) and bottom up (training in facilitation skills). In our experience, this allows companies to free up to 33% of the time stuck in meetings. And to make the remaining 67% much more productive

The economics are simple: in most organizations it is possible to cut

  • 1 meeting out of 8
  • 1 meeting participant out of 8
  • 1 quarter of an hour out of every 2 hours (which is also 1 out of 8)

This adds up to about 33% of meeting time!

Imagine everything your company could achieve with 33% of meeting time becoming available for other tasks…

It’s as if you had substantial additional FTE’s. Put them to work!

But there’s more. With effective meeting facilitation, the 67% remaining meeting time is better leveraged. More productive discussions, deeper insights, improved decision making, more commitment and engagement from those involved, faster progress, less coming back on previous decisions. The value created is multiplied, and goals are reached more easily

Imagine everything your company could achieve with the remaining 67% of meetings have more impact than the original 100%…

The good news is, with a few simple tools, corporations who, until now were asleep about meetings, can reach these double benefits: ‘freely available FTE’s’ and ‘less but more impactful meetings’.

There is ample science behind ‘what makes a great meeting’. There’s a framework, a toolkit, pragmatic tips & tricks. The more you practice the science (diligently!), the better you become!

So start tackling ‘acute reunionitis’ (or corporate meetings disease) from both ends. Set meeting policies and guidelines and respect them top down. Train your meeting organizers and attendees into the basics of facilitation.

The art and science of making meetings magically work. Learn about the science, develop the art – and start reaping the rewards. It’s truly worth it!

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