The idea

Storytelling is a very effective means to inspire people, and you too can learn it by adopting the right mindset, choosing the right topics, and using the techniques explained in the book. 


Our insights

  1. Storytelling is extremely powerful: stories are one of the most effective ways to build connection with listeners, to move  and inspire them for the better, to build collective passion and to shape/strengthen (company) cultures
  2. Everybody has stories to tell: defining moments, personal ‘life lessons’, anecdotes of ‘improving the lives of others’, personal passions
  3. Most stories share the same guiding principles: a relatable hero who overcomes a struggle – and a lesson learned.



  • “Struggle is part of nature, which is why we find stories of adversity nearly impossible to ignore”

  • “You cannot reach a person’s head without first touching their heart, and the path to the heart runs through the brain, starting with the amygdala”

  • “In a world where people are bombarded by choices, the story is often the deciding factor in whom we decide to do business with”

  • “Even the most gifted communicators don’t get it right the first time”

  • “Audiences need to build a relationship with a character they like, and whose struggle they recognize, otherwise they don’t care about the resolution”

  • “A good story has heroes and villains, surprising turning points, and in the end the hero saves the day”

  • “Great storytellers make us uncomfortable. Hey catch our attention by breaking an expected pattern”

  • “If they’re laughing, they’re listening”


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TITLE: The Storyteller’s Secret

AUTHOR: Carmine Gallo
Carmine  Gallo is a popular keynote speaker. She is the author of international bestsellers. She advises top international brands. The Huffington Post named her one of the top ten influence experts.

PUBLISHER: St Martin’s Press, 2016, 288 pages

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