Act by choice, not by obligation

What to do when you are dealing with unwelcome requests

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Are you frustrated too when others make you do things you don’t feel like doing? Your boss pushes through option B whereas you were so convinced option A was the right one…; You have to do some administrative tasks, and you just hate those…; Your family asks your help, right now, and now is really not the right moment… Dealing with unwelcome requests sure is a difficult thing…
How to keep cool during disagreements

How to keep cool during disagreements?

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Has it happened to you too? Somebody shows disagreement with you, or comes with a suggestion you don’t like, and you lash out – perhaps more than absolutely necessary… Here is a finding that helps us manage disagreements without getting carried away.

How to handle conflict situations

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Dealing with conflict is not easy. Conflict situations tend to be complex. We won’t be able to give a ‘quick and dirty miracle recipe’ in this insight. But we will provide a concept that might prove very helpful.
Dealing with rejection Sustainability

5 tips to deal with rejection

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Whether it is your idea that is rejected, or you as a person that feels excluded – rejection is never an easy thing. Yet it is part of life. Here are 5 tips to help you positively deal with rejection.