How to handle conflict situations

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Dealing with conflict is not easy. Conflict situations tend to be complex. We won’t be able to give a ‘quick and dirty miracle recipe’ in this insight. But we will provide a concept that might prove very helpful.
The power of moments

Book review: ‘The Power of Moments’ by Chip Heath and Dan Heath

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Being able to create memorable moments (also known as defining moments) is not something ‘blurry’. Chip and Dan Heath, the authors of this book, have identified the 4 key components of memorable moments. Throughout the book, they provide very pragmatic advice on how to put these components into implementation so you too can proactively create those magic moments.
5 tips to influence others more easily

5 tips to influence others more easily

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Are you preparing a difficult presentation? Is there a risk the audience won’t be cooperative? Are they likely to oppose the suggestions you’re about to make? Do you expect little political games? Attendants blocking your constructive ideas? Here are 5 tips to influence more easily, and have more impact with your presentation.
What type of leader are you? Leadership

What type of leader are you?

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What type of leader are you? In this post, we give an overview of the 4 main leadership styles, as well as the typical traits of each of these styles. Curious? There we go!
Speaking up

5 tips for when speaking up during meetings feels uncomfortable

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It’s a classic: the town hall meetings where nobody asks questions. The board meetings where only some people voice their opinion. The company meetings where only few people take part in the conversation. There could be many reasons for this, including corporate culture. Often, the silence is also linked to personal discomfort – speaking up … Continued