Some testimonials on our ‘Alignment Services’

“Our amazingly good collaboration over the last years has allowed our company to reach the position it had to reach. Thank you for your unique contribution to our magnificent adventure. It’s an honor for us to work with you”

(CEO Belgian Flagship Consumer Goods Company)

“I will keep an extremely strong memory of the seminars you animated: a great life lesson and impressive results. This journey has been extraordinary and so enriching”

(Director Europe multinational utilities company)

“Thanks again for a unique contribution to a superb meeting”

(CEO Multinational Retail Company)

“For me this session has a much bigger impact than any publication on values, culture, etc. Great stuff.”

(Senior Manager Large Pharma Company)

“I wanted to thank you for the way you moderated our executive committee meeting. If you hadn’t been there, we would be in big trouble today”

(CEO US 20bn Company)

“I remain impressed how you can mobilize and reach a group of 200+ people at repeated occasions and during more than a full-day. Your interventions are inspiring, your preparation professional, your way of working together captivating. It doesn’t leave anybody unmoved. You speak to our hearts.”

(Strategy and Business Development Director)

Some testimonials on our ‘Boost Seminars’

“Your contribution was unanimously regarded as the highlight of our two-days conference, an incredible boost to all of us” (EVP HR Bel 20 Company)

“The speakers were fantastic! The practical exercises made us open our eyes on many things”

(Senior Executive Bel 20 Company)

“My brother and I came to listen to you on October 4th last year. Since then, every day, without any exception, I think about that evening, at least for a moment”

(College Student)

“Your testimonial at xxx has been the key moment of the past year for me.”

(HR Director Financial Institution)

“The event of last night was really outstanding, one of the highlights since our existence”

(President Large Networking Club)

Some testimonials on our ‘Coaching Services’

“Having an example (like Patrick) close at hand helps to relativize”

(CEO Aviation Industry Company)

“Your message is inspiring. It caught me right at time when I was feeling a little sorry for myself, and reminded me this is no way to behave. It sounds like you have found clarity, purpose, balance and belonging. People with these qualities are rare, precious and have much to give”

(Senior Partner Professional Services Firm)

“They inspired me very much! They really made me think about the way I live my life and how I want to change it. This will help me in my job and private life.”

(Senior Manager Professional Services Firm Belgium)

“It has been an inspiration working with you. You helped me at a point when I was having serious doubts about where my life was heading. Everyone who knows you has a similar story to tell. You are remarkable in your ability to inspire people”

(Senior Director Professional Services Firm)

“If I had been in that critical meeting as i had planned, my career would have been destroyed. Your real-time coaching proved spot-on, totally eye-opening, and so actionable. The expected disaster turned an unbelievable personal victory. I owe it entirely to your coaching”

(Senior Executive Automotive Industry)

Some testimonials on our ‘Develop Trainings’

Their knowledge of our culture and of what it takes to be a great manager, combined with their very strong soft skills makes them unique. The NPS of our managers if 100%

(Global Senior Director Professional Services Firm)

“I have very enthusiastic feedback about all you are doing at our company. Thank you and continue to go for it!”

(CEO Leading Telco Company)

“This was the very very very best training I’ve had with the very very very best trainers ever”

(Senior Financial Manager Bel 20 Company)

“It’s difficult to imagine a better training”

(Manager Large European Telco Company)

“A big THANK YOU for providing this to us – especially thanks to the trainers, who were fantastic! I have already implemented some of what I learned!”

(Senior Executive Large International Pharma company)

“There’s a buzz going on in the office – people telling each other how great the sessions are”

(Manager Leading Charity United States)

“I have attended all the courses and had the world best teachers on presentation skills. You’re the first ones that provide such a comprehensive framework”

(Director International Science Institute)