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5 Rules for successful virtual meetings

 -  Duurzaamheid / Teamwerk
As professional facilitators, we understand how these differ from face to face meetings and have accumulated a great deal of experience in facilitating successful virtual meetings. Here are 5 rules we use to ensure productive and engaging virtual meetings.
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How to ask your team for honest feedback

 -  Duurzaamheid / Leiderschap
Asking your team for feedback is not easy, but it is always worthwhile. We give you tips on how to ensure you get a well-considered response from all members of your team with clear examples of what you do well and areas for improvement. It will be good for you and for them, so don’t hesitate.
Tips for leaders who feel they are drowning

Tips for leaders who feel they are drowning

 -  Duurzaamheid
Who doesn’t want to feel like, and be seen as, a reliable leader with a great sense of accountability? They’re loved by everyone! They’re successful. Right? Yes. But only to a point. Taken too far, feeling responsible for everything and everyone is damaging for you personally and professionally, and is indicative of real structural issues within your organization that need addressing.

The number 1 secret to get the best out of your meetings

 -  Duurzaamheid / Inzichten
Does your company have difficulties too sticking to the foreseen agenda of its meetings? Meeting participants enter long discussions and before they realize it – they’ve spent far too much time on one topic and don’t have sufficient time for a next (far more important) one…. In this insight we’ll dig deeper into a core underlying reason of this problem – and make some suggestions so your meetings won’t get off track.

Thermometer or thermostat

 -  Duurzaamheid
When we talk about facilitation, we like to use the analogy of the thermometer and the thermostat. A thermometer measures the temperature; whereas a thermostat not only measures the temperature but also adapts it to reach the desired level.