setting through even when it feels awkward

3 tips to get yourself to act when it feels uncomfortable

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Isn’t it a nuisance when there’s something we don’t like to do (because it feels awkward), yet we know we ought to act? Typically we hesitate for a moment … and then we say ‘no … I’ll do it next time’. Initially we’re very happy about our decision – there’s that feeling of instant relief … However, a bit later, we realize we played too safe … and sometimes we start blaming ourselves…. In this insight we’ll give a couple of tips on how to effectively deal with feeling uncomfortable.
the 7 reasons people don't follow through on their positive intentions

How to keep your resolutions

 -  Durable / Leadership
Most of us, when noticing no progress on our resolutions, call ourselves bad names. And nothing changes. In order to successfully keep resolutions, we need to know the REAL reason(s) we didn’t act. And do something about those.

3 key success factors to get others to listen to you

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What makes someone captivated by what you’re telling them? What makes them totally engaged in the conversation? How to ensure you have their true ‘listening ear’? In this insight we’ll explain how to get others to truly listen to you. We’ll provide 3 ‘key ingredients’ to get the attention of your conversation partner.

How to keep cool during disagreements?

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Has it happened to you too? Somebody shows disagreement with you, or comes with a suggestion you don’t like, and you lash out – perhaps more than absolutely necessary… Here is a finding that helps us manage disagreements without getting carried away.