Isn’t it a nuisance when there’s something we don’t like to do (because it feels awkward), yet we know we ought to act? Like when we hesitate whether or not to reach out to that person that is ‘too good or too senior for us’; or we hesitate about asking a favor to others; or about acting on that dream of ours; … Typically we hesitate for a moment … and then we say ‘no … I’ll do it next time’. Initially we’re very happy about our decision – there’s that feeling of instant relief … However, a bit later, we realize we played too safe … and sometimes we start blaming ourselves…. In this insight we’ll give a couple of tips on how to effectively deal with feeling uncomfortable.

setting through when feeling uncomfortable


1. Change your definition of success

Reflect on what ‘being successful’ means to you. If success = ‘being perfect all the time’, or ‘getting constant approval’, you will probably give up on several challenges… What a shame! So many opportunities left on the side… Why not feel successful when you act on what truly matters? Why not feel successful when you truly gave things your best shot’?
Make sure you have a definition of success that helps you get to action when it matters.
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2. Make the task less awkward

Imagine you have that entrepreneurship idea, but you don’t know if it will work, and you worry about finances. Why not start part-time on your start-up (and keep a part-time job with certain revenues)?
Or you want to install a new policy in the office, but you worry your colleagues will find you selfish and unhelpful. Why not explain them why this new policy means so much to you, and why it will help them too?
It’s ok to ‘reshape’ your to-do to make it less awkward. As long as your new to-do helps you make true progress. So much better than giving up on the entire idea


3. Just do it!

And you know what? The best tip is probably to just gather all your courage and act – even when you are feeling uncomfortable! Mel Robbins has a great tool for that: the 5 second rule. When you notice you’re hesitating to act on something worthwhile, just count backward from 5 to 1 – when you are at 1, stop all hesitating self-talk and act. As simple as that. A very simple rule. Not easy. But very effective.


Consistently act on these 3 tips, and your capacity to create results will expand exponentially! 

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