Last week I was amazed… We were running a 3-day ‘executive full potential’ seminar with a group of CEOs. During one of the breaks, one of the participants was talking about the 7 minute app he used every morning. The gentleman looked really fit –in very good shape. So I was surprised. The 7 minute app used by a fit person? I thought it was for ‘unfit people’! (by the way, I count myself amongst those unfit people). I know the ‘7 minute app’ – I’ve used it in the past. I mean – the exercises are pretty simple (jumping jacks, lunges, …). This sure cannot be rewarding for somebody as fit as this person?

So asked him – I said “You seem in such good shape. So I’m a bit puzzled: aren’t the exercises of this app too easy for you?”.

The reply blew my mind. “I know I look very well in shape. But that doesn’t mean I do a lot of sports. On the contrary. I’ve been doing 7 minutes of sports each morning for the last 20 years. And that’s basically it. I’m not into other sports. I sometimes go biking with friends – but that’s more an occasion to have a beer together than anything else. No more sports than that. Just 7 minutes in the morning. It helps me to be in good shape – and it boosts my energy every morning. 7 minutes each day is so much better than promising myself to do 1 hour of sports and not doing it”.

Waw – I was impressed. So 7 minutes in the morning can be enough to be in good shape? Why didn’t anyone tell me before?

I saw it as a great lesson for myself. And I wanted to share. I thought it might inspire you too.

So what about you? What are the ‘shortcuts’ you use for your health & fitness? 


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