The idea

If you want true engagement & enrolment, use the ‘leader-leader’ approach, rather than the ‘leader-follower’ approach. Turn your followers into true leaders, and you’ll get them to ‘full potential’. 


Our insights

  1. Divest control. Put responsibility and accountability in the teams rather than keeping it self. Leverage the teams’ experience, knowledge and insights.
  2. Strengthen competence. Develop a ‘learning culture’, where people know they will be tested on their proficiency, and where they proactively seek to grow.
  3. Provide clarity. Make sure expectations are clear (purpose, objectives, guiding principles) and unambiguous. Encourage your people, and be there to help them achieve their objectives.



  • « My definition of leadership is this: leadership is communicating to people their worth and potential so clearly that they are inspired to see it in themselves »

  • « People who are treated as followers, treat others as followers when it’s their turn to lead »

  • « He also learned to appreciate his men but at the same time demand excellence from them »

  • « Being the chief would no longer mean a position of privilege but a position of accountability, responsibility, and work »

  • « We found that when people know they will be asked questions, they study their responsibilities ahead of time »

  • « Taking care of your people does not mean protecting them from the consequences of their own behavior. (…) What it does mean is giving them every available tool and advantage to achieve their aims in life (…) »

  • « When I say immediate recognition, I mean immediate. Not thirty days. Not thirty minutes. Immediate »

  • « Empowerment does not work without the attributes of competence and clarity »

  • « With emancipation, we are recognizing the inherent genius, energy, and creativity in all people, and allowing those talents to emerge« 


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TITLE: Turn the Ship Around!

AUTHOR: David Marquet
David Marquet is a Naval Academy graduate. He served in the U.S. submarine force for 28 years. He brought his submarine Santa Fe ‘from worst to first’. His motto is ‘give control, create leaders’

PUBLISHER: Portfolio Penguin (October 2015, 272 pages)

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