Is your team a ‘dream team’? Are members working well together, is there a good level of bonding, and is the atmosphere pleasant? Or is good collaboration in your team just a distant dream? Do people disapprove of each other, are vicious little games frequent, is criticism constantly in the air? Here are 5 pragmatic tips to create more bonding in the team you’re leading.


5 tips for successful change management


  1. Be a role model: Team members look at the example given by their leader. A blaming, prima donna leader promotes individualistic behavior. A leader acting as true team player will inspire the team members to do the same. 
  2. Show individual appreciation: People who feel insufficiently recognized risk developing grudge against the team leader and against the whole team. Especially if they consider others get a better treatment. Regular sincere compliments are motivating AND promote team spirit.
  3. Highlight each other’s contribution: When team members have different styles (a good thing!), they might disapprove of each other. The way the others are acting might appear ‘wrong’. As a leader, you can show how having different styles adds value to the team. Combined with individual appreciation, this has a stellar impact on the spirit of the entire team.
  4. Create ‘team wins’: When everything goes bad, individual differences become a concern. They are seen as the reason success is not present. But when a team produces results, those differences are not so problematic anymore, and appreciating each other comes so much more naturally. So give opportunities to the team to have small and big successes.  
  5. Handle conflicts: So often, leaders close their eyes when conflicts arise in the team. They consider the situation is not that problematic, or will subside anyway. A lingering conflict however has a devastating impact on the entire team. So be courageous and align those stars.

Most of these tips are easy to apply. It’s a matter of keeping them top of mind and acting on them. These summer months are the ideal moment to try them out! Good luck!

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