Not always easy to motivate team members? Here are 5 books we recommended with ample insights on how you can get that level of motivation where people do whatever they can because they’re committed.



1. Intrinsic Motivation at Work (by Kenneth Thomas)

The book presents the concept of ‘intrinsic motivation’ as a way to have a more committed workforce. The author proposes 4 pillars to focus upon: purpose, choice, competence and progress. A convincing approach, based on ample psychological research.

2. The Progress Principle (by Teresa Amabile & Steven Kramer)

The authors suggest that noticing ‘progress in meaningful work’ is the biggest driver of motivation. They explain the typical obstacles, as well as the elements supporting progress and motivation. The book is based on a lot of research conducted by Teresa Amabile and Steven Kramer themselves, and is a very nice read.  

3. Start with Why (by Simon Sinek)

This book explains the power of explaining the ‘why’ behind a mission, a project, a task: it ignites the ‘inner drive’ of people. The author explains the power of ‘why’ in more detail with regards to branding, employee engagement and personal leadership. For some more info, watch Simon’s TED-talk on this topic. 

4. Multipliers (by Liz Wiseman)

The book argues that some leaders (the ‘multipliers’) grow and ignite their employees, while other leaders (the ‘diminishers’) diminish and drain their workforce. They present the 5 disciplines of ‘multipliers’, and how to gradually become a ‘multiplier’ oneself. A book that will bring a lof of insights. 

5. Payoff (by Dan Ariely)

Using a whole bunch of research in workplaces and psychology labs, the author shows that there are much better ways than financial compensations to create a motivated workforce. He explains why and how to ensure the work is seen as meaningful, and how to create an environment that leverages this meaningful work. Dan Ariely has great ideas, and is a compelling writer.  

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