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When Parkinson’s Disease makes your body shake uncontrollably and then freeze unexpectedly, walking … let alone running … becomes a dangerous endurance ‘sport’! But Patrick Demoucelle and many other Parkinson’s patients are determined to cross the finish line of the Brussels 20k in May to help fund a cure for this degenerative condition affecting 40,000 people in Belgium.  Come run … or walk .. beside them to beat Parkinson’s.

As part of the ‘Run for Parkinson’ team – which in past years has numbered as many as 500 runners – you’ll help to  support vital medical research with your fundraising efforts and we’ll help you to achieve your own personal goal.

In addition to our fabulous ‘Run for Parkinson’ t-shirt, you’ll benefit from:

  • weekly training tips from our running coach;
  • an open invitation to join Sunday fitness sessions;
  • an easy-to-use, personal online fundraising page that you can customise to raise awareness among your family, friends and colleagues
  • a convenient place next to the start line to safely leave your belongings;
  • a guided pre-run warm-up routine;
  • the support and encouragement of your team mates and our volunteers;
  • healthy snacks and drinks before and after the run;
  • an even greater sense of accomplishment and pride.

All you need to do to join the ‘Run for Parkinson’ team is click the link below, pay 50 euros to register and set up your personal fundraising page.  In just a few short minutes, you’ll be part of the team! And why not encourage others to join in too! The more the better!


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The first ‘Run for Parkinson’ was in 2015. Patrick Demoucelle had been living with Parkinson’s disease for 10 years by then and decided to challenge himself and improve his overall health by running the Brussels 20k and thereby raise funds to support finding a cure for Parkinson’s disease.

240 people ran with him that year, and he inspired many organizations and companies to sponsor and support the cause.  Since then, a ‘Run for Parkinson’ team has taken part every year, with other

Parkinson’s patients joining Patrick and bringing along their family, friends and colleagues.  In 2019, the team was about 500 runners strong and the event raised about 100.000 euros all of which has gone towards important medical research.

You are a COMPANY

  • Get high visibility by sponsoring the event (logo on website, t-shirts, flags, …)
  • Promote a positive corporate spirit by encouraging employees to enrol as a team.
  • ‘Walk (or run) the talk’ on corporate responsibility
  • Make a real difference in the lives of patients and their families

You are an individual RUNNER

  • Feel part of a team as one of 200+ runners of the Demoucelle Parkinson Charity
  • Push your personal limits
  • Raise funds to find a cure for Parkinson’s Disease
  • Make your Brussels 20k experience even more memorable


Already confirmed sponsors

In association with

Projects supported

Projects are chosen in collaboration with the experts of the Michael J. Fox Foundation – thé foundation worldwide active in Parkinson’s research.

So far, the Demoucelle Parkinson Charity has provided funding to 9 projects – 8 in Europe, 1 in the US.

  • ADx project – Project objective: develop guidelines for clinical trials.
  • Nilotinib project – Project objective: check whether the effectiveness of the medicine, shown in open trials, is confirmed in a large double-blind, placebo-controlled trial.
  • Khondrion project – Project objective: test the effectiveness of a molecule against the mitochondrial dysfunction, often noted in Parkinson’s Disease.
  • nLife Thera project – Project objective: characterize the dose and efficacy of a new molecule in a model of Parkinson´s disease vs. healthy model.
  • AC Immune project – Project objective: develop a brain imaging agent for alpha-synuclein, a key protein involved in PD pathology.
  • Exenatide project – Project objective: perform a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled, proof-of-concept trial to confirm whether the preliminary findings of beneficial effects seen in both motor and non-motor PD symptoms can be replicated.
  • InterMed project – Project objective: identify the potential of a molecule to act neuroprotective and become a disease modifying therapeutic.
  • Affitope Parkinson Vaccine – Project objective: perform first phase clinical trial and check impact of the vaccine on α-synuclein, a brain component that plays a central role in the pathogenesis of Parkinson Disease.
  • ATP10B project. Project objective: better understand the mutation of this gene, and its potential impact on Parkinson’s disease.

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